Your family is a work of art, created by you and your everyday experiences.  I would love the chance to craft images to highlight what you have made. 

Family Photography Questions and Answers

What on Earth should we wear?

This is probably the question I hear most frequently.  First and foremost, you should be comfortable because if you are not, you will see that discomfort in your portraits.  You don't have to match, but choose colors in the same family, colors that compliment.  Patterns are okay, too, so long as they don't compete with one another.  It is best to have only one pattern per photo, because with more than that, things begin to look busy.  Also, avoid logos, writing, and graphics.  Here is a blog post with more details!

Do you only do family portrait sessions in your studio?

Absolutely not!  We can choose whatever location makes you happy!  Some people love being photographed in their own home, others like the studio, and still some families love outside portraits.  I am ready, willing, and able to do all of that.  And I even have some great suggestions for outdoor locations.  Let me know your vision and we will make it happen!

Can Fido be in our portraits, too?

Of course!  As a dog lover myself, I understand that your pooch is a member of the family, too.  Of course your pet can be in the photos.  Dog, cat, bunny, goat, I will photography all the members of your family.