Toddlers are little bundles of energy, and their emotions turn on and off like a light switch, right?  Toddler portraits need to embody their energy, their love for living, their silliness and their serious side.  As a parent, I understand wanting to hold them close at this age, to remember every detail of that personality because time is moves way too quickly.  They are only this age for so long, and I believe this age is pure perfection.  I strive to capture all that they are in my photographs.  Toddlers are my favorite (shhh...don't tell the newborns and older kids)!

Baby &Toddler Photography Questions & Answers

What if my little one is having a bad day?

I have an unending well of patience for your baby or toddler.  I promise.  I've seen it all in the studio.  Because I am a mom, I understand that sometimes, your child may be having an off day.  It happens.  And if I can't get a session's worth of photos, we will try again.  At no extra charge to you.  So, you don't need to stress!  If your little pumpkin is having a rough day, no worries.

How long does a typical toddler session last?

I try very hard not to place limits on session time with young children.  The issue is that sometimes, it can take 15 minutes for a toddler or baby to warm up to the idea of having their portraits made.  I don't expect your child to come in and immediately perform in front of my camera, because for many of them, this experience is totally new.  And it wouldn't be fair to penalize you for having a shy toddler.  So, sometimes we spend a few minutes playing, and getting to know each other.  It all depends on how your child reacts to me.  Sometimes my best photos come from the first five to ten minutes.  And sometimes, it takes 20 minutes before a baby will even look at me.  I will say that on average, these sessions last about an hour.  Trust me, we will all know when your child is done--he or she will let us know!

Do you have props, hats, and other items?

I have quite a few props and hats in the studio.  Before your session, I like to chat about what you are looking for, clothing, and color schemes.  At that point, we can discuss specifics about what you want for your child's portraits.