Your newborn is a miracle.  A miracle that changes so rapidly that it can make your head spin and your heart hurt.  As a mom, I know how it feels to want to document every little face, every giggle, every expression. 

Newborn Photography Questions & Answers

Why should I hire a photographer with newborn photography expertise?

Because photographing newborns is difficult!   You don't want a photographer who is portfolio building with your newborn.  You want someone who has spent hours in seminars and classes learning newborn safety, how to pose, how to light, and how to edit newborn photographs.   I polished my skills photographing numerous babies before I ever charged a soul for this type of photography.  Why?  Because it took a long time for my portraits to live up to the high standards that I set for my work. 

When should I schedule my newborn portrait session?

It is never too early to schedule your session.  My time is limited, and my schedule is often booked-up months in advance.  Recently, a grandma called me to schedule a newborn session for her grandbaby before anyone even knew her daughter was pregnant!  That was definitely a first for me.  But all joking aside, the sooner the better.  I schedule based on your due date, and then we work out the details once your baby arrives.

Where do newborn portrait sessions take place?

Well, that depends on you!  I offer both studio and lifestyle newborn photography.  Lifestyle newborn photography captures you and your newborn in your own surroundings.  It has a more photo-journalistic feel to it.  Studio newborn photography is what you see when there are babies in crates and with props.  I love both styles for completely different reasons.  What you want is up to you!

When will my session take place?

For optimal results, the best time to do a studio newborn portrait session is within the first two weeks of life.  At that age, babies are still sleepy and used to being curled up in cozy positions.  Beyond this window, we can still do a studio session, but just know that results will vary.  But these are generalizations, I have photographed babies only five days old who are awake and alert, and I have photographed sleepy six-week-olds.  It is a bit unpredictable, and it keeps me on my toes!  If you would like a lifestyle shoot in your home, the optimal window is much more flexible.

Do you provide clothing and props?

I have a variety of wraps, backdrops, hats, headbands and other baby accessories available in my studio.  I generally will lay out options and then we go over what you like when you get to the studio.  You can feel free to provide your own little outfits and things as well.  Just remember, simplicity tends to work best.  Newborns get lost in complicated outfits, and you want the spotlight to stay on that little bundle of cuteness! 

How long does a session usually take and what should we bring?

Newborns can not be rushed.  A typical newborn session takes anywhere from one to three hours, and maybe even a wee bit more, depending on the baby.  You should plan to feed the baby several times while you are here, and there will be plenty of time to lull the wee one back to sleep.  Typically I go through three to four set-ups in addition to family portraits.

Can we get some pictures with family during our newborn portrait session?

Of course you can!  We can devote the first portion of your newborn's session to getting photos with family.  I love to photograph parents and siblings with the new baby.  One thing to note, however, is that due to the length of the session, I encourage parents to make arrangements for young children to be whisked away once their portion of the portrait session concludes.  They tend to get bored hanging out in the studio.