What Happens if Your Baby Won't Sleep | Cleveland Newborn Photography, Strongsville Newborn Photographer

So you may or may not realize that there is an optimal window for getting those curly, sleepy newborn photographs.  That window starts from the time your little bundle is born, and ends around day 10-14.  Before day 14, the baby is still getting acclimated to life on the outside, and is still generally very sleep, and very "curly," you know, from being all huddled up for nine months.  To capitalize on their tendency toward sleep, I keep my Strongsville studio toasty for the shoot (I pre-apologize for the disheveled look I have by the end of a session in the hot studio).   In fact, I run not one, but two space heaters despite a fully heated studio!  I keep the lights low, the voices soft, and play white noise.  And do a lot of shushhhhhhing. 

So, what happens when you photograph a baby who is a bit older than that, but still a newborn?  And how about those babies that just do not want to go to sleep?  Well, I think that there is s special magic when photographing newborns who don't want to sleep.  Although I do my best to get them there, sometimes, they are too enamored of the new world around them to sleep.  It doesn't happen toooo often, but rest assured, I'm always prepared for it.

For instance, just a few weeks ago, I had this little man in the studio with me.  He was a bit older than the typical newborn I shoot, at about three weeks old.  And he was so alert, but I expected that to be the case.  And the magic in that is that I caught a lot of wonderful expressions. 

cleveland newborn teal fuzzy in a bowl

I mean look at this baby boy!  We have three totally different expressions here:  serenity, mischief, and deep concentration.  Photographs of sleeping babies don't have near the options for captioning. 

strongsville newborn in crate

And again with the fun faces!  I mean, look at that pouty lip!  I didn't realize that pouty faces started at three weeks old.  Apparently, they perfect this look quite early.  And they save it for future use.  Totally expected from my three year old, totally unexpected from a newborn baby!  But we would never get these awesome faces had he just slept. 

The bottom line here is that as your newborn photographer, I am prepared for this.  And you needn't stress.  Awake or asleep, one week or three, I will get beautiful images of your newborn. 

cleveland newborn in a tuxedo

--Aubrie | Cleveland Newborn Photographer, Strongsville Newborn Photographer