They Change Quickly | Strongsville Child Photographer, Cleveland Child Photographer

I remember when I first had a baby, and everyone told me how quickly they change.  But until you see it for yourself, it is hard to image just how true that is.  One of my favorite parts about being a child photographer is seeing how my clients change over time.  There are clients I photograph every year.  But just as everyone says, when they are young, the changes are exponential.  It is funny, after staring at images for hours while I edit them, that version of the child gets ingrained in me.  In my head, they stay looking exactly like they did the day that I photographed them.  And that phenomenon makes it all the more fun to see children after six months, a year, two years.

For instance, Little D. came for photos when he was six months old.  And then again, recently, for a one-year session.  Look at how much he has changed in that time!

  Here he is at his six month photo session. 

Of course, I knew he would still have some amazing little faces for me.  But what I did not expect was to see just how much his little face matured since I had seen him last.  

Mr. D. at one year old.

The difference between newborn and six months is even bigger.  Take a look at Mr. M, who came to my studio first when he was just a handful of days old.  And then, came back for a session at around six months old.  

Baby boy M. at six months old.

Baby boy M. at about six days old!

As a new parent, it can be easy to think that we will remember every little phase of how they look.  But it moves so fast.  Trust me, I know.  This is just another reason to make sure you document the growing process.  Your memory will fade, but it doesn't have to.  You can make sure that they are etched in there forever.  

This is why I've decided to offer one-year photography Grow With Me packages.  When you want to capture their growth over time, the Grow With Me package is the way to go.  With it, you will receive four small shoots, with 10-15 images per shoot.  You can use them at whatever intervals you would like.  Want to photograph your little one at three months, six months, nine months, and one year?  Let's do it!  Want four year photos, five year photos and two sessions in between?  We can do that too!  Because they don't stop changing after the first year.  

Pricing and details relating to Grow With Me packages can be found on the investment page.  Don't wait; time will march on, whether you document it or not.