Family Fine Art Sessions

Fall is the season that Ohioans live for.  And throughout the State's most beautiful season, I will be shooting Family Fine Art Sessions at Pick n' Save Orchard in Medina, Ohio.  Although the leaves have yet to change (and I am not going to rush them), I wanted to give everyone an idea of what these special sessions will look like.  They are beautiful, even without the apple trees ablaze in red, yellow, and orange glory.  

If you stand in the orchard, and take a deep, slow breath, you can smell the apples ripening on the trees around you.  Pricing details can be found on the orchard sessions page.  Contact me today to schedule yours.  And enjoy looking at two of the most photogenic children I know!

I absolutely adore shooting during golden hour.  And these two little ones were a delight to photograph.  And notice, that little man could not help himself.  The apples looked so delicious that he just wanted to keep on eating.  

If you and your family have never picked apples straight off of the tree, you are in for a treat for certain. Nothing beats a crisp, fresh apple.  I can't wait to go back and pick with my family. Pick n' Save also has local honey and an assortment of other goodies, including some fantastic cider.  Then again, I've rarely met a mug of hot apple cider that I couldn't love.