Newborn Twin Session at My Strongsville Studio

Photographing newborn twins can be a bit terrifying.  Although, I can only imagine what it must be like to HAVE newborn twins!  Wow.  I honestly think parents of twins (and multiples generally) deserve a special award for extreme parenting!  Seriously, parents of multiples, you all amaze me. 

You never know how a baby will react to photos.  And Claire and Caroline were unexpected in the best of ways.  These two little pumpkins were sleeping ANGELS!  They just snoozed through nearly the entire session.  And it seems that when these little girls were not snoozing, they were smiling!  Imagine that!  This session was easier than many single-baby newborn sessions I have done.  Honestly.  I was blown away at how laid back these two were.  They were a photography dream come true!  And here are a few photos from their session:

And their big sister was just as cute!  And mom and dad are pretty adorable, too.  It was such a joy to get the chance to take photos for this family.  These two little fighters spent a number of weeks in the NICU, and were so tiny even after all that time.  Look how little they are!  And let me just say, their newborn skin is so adorable.  What I wouldn't give for those naturally rosie cheeks!

Photo of twins and their family

What a cute family!  And photographers LOVE it when clients show up completely coordinated like this!  Great job, mom!

OK, so I have a bit of an admission.  Part of what I love about taking newborn photos (and toddlers) is that I can dress up little girls!  As the mother of a boy, well, hats are about the only cute accessories I can get.  So, the idea of dressing up TWO little girls led to, well, a few new purchases!  I had to coordinate the wraps and headbands, right?

What a dream shoot this was!  I mean, look at that little grin!  What is cuter than a smiling newborn?  Oh wait, TWO smiling newborns!  I am one lucky photographer.