Conceptual Children's Photography

During my trip to Imaging USA, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar taught by the creative team at Harper Point Photography.  Nathan Rega and Kira Friedman were truly an inspiration, sharing how they bring conceptual visions to life, and how we could incorporate conceptual shooting into portraiture.  And as I sat there, I wondered:  how many children's photographers do conceptual shoots?  And, could I try it?

So, anyone who knows me knows that my son is shark-obsessed.  With his birthday fast approaching, I sat in that seminar dreaming up ways to incorporate the shark love into his three-year portraits.  I wanted these toddler portraits to be a bit different.  Here is how it all worked out:

Conceptual photography is about an idea.  I'm sure you can guess what the idea was here!

Boy those little fish took a while to cut out, but it was worth it for the shots I got.  Not only was this a blast for me, but it was an absolute joy for him.  I've never seen him loving his time in front of the camera so much.  Taking photos of a toddler has never been this simple!  Apparently, give them something they are invested in and...they kinda do what you want!  I have so many favorite shots from his birthday photo shoot.  But I love the humor of the shot below where he is reading his shark book, while in the shark suit. 

I love portraits and photographs with a sense of humor.  There is something silly about a toddler in a shark costume, reading a shark book, right?

This is so much better than the typical birthday shoot I otherwise would have done.  It reflects who he is right now, and what is important to him (sharks! Duh!).  And I would love to brainstorm ideas for getting photos that capture something special about your toddler.  We can work together to bring a vision to life!  Imagine that, something a bit off the beaten path, but reflective of your toddler's current passions.  I will cherish these forever, and want to help you get photos that you love.  Photos that say a little something more. 

Toddlers sometimes love the camera, and sometimes hate it.  Not hard to figure out how he felt on this day.

Yes those shorts make him look like he is wearing a 1920s swimming outfit.