Hello there, I am Aubrie.  I am a mother, and that role defines me more than anything else ever has.  I am the kind of mom that falls asleep in her kid's bed after reading six books.  I am the kind of mom that holds on to hugs a little too long because I know this age is fleeting.  I say "I love you" too often but I mean it each and every time, because I love my family so much that sometimes I think my heart might explode.  And most of all, I am the kind of mom that cries when I look at pictures of my son from last week, last month, last year--because the face in those pictures will never be that young again.

This love I have for my child and my family fuels my creativity.  I create images that somehow embody that bittersweet feeling I get while watching my child grow up.  I don't photograph with a lot of props or set-ups.  I am not a fan of gimmicks and I don't jump on the latest Pinterest trends. I don't create images with a lot of bright color, my work tends toward neutrals and earth tones.  It is a bit dark, a little organic, and subtly vintage.   I aim to create timeless imagery that reminds you of who your child was the day the photographs were made.  If you decide to work with me (and I hope that you do) you will get classic photographs with a lot of soul. 

I know that all of this makes me sound like I may be formal.  But life is filled with paradox.  I wear Converse sneakers.  I am silly to the core.  I embrace my inner nerd.  I am a perpetual optimist.  And I will make an idiot of myself to get a good photograph of your child. 

I would love to talk to you about your family, about what you want from your photographs, and about how I can make that happen.   I hope to hear from you soon!