To me, the best photos are those that capture some type of emotion--joy, sadness, love, grief, anticipation, excitement. Anything, really.  Sure, I love a beautiful family portrait where every hair is in place.  But what I love more is a family portrait that says something about who you were the day I made that photo.    I want to see laughter, tears, silliness, and serious faces.  Life isn't always clean and perfect--sometimes it is just plain crazy. I  keep snapping through the chaos so that I can capture the joy hiding in it. 

I remember my first experience making photos.  I was about six, and had a 110 film camera.  I was so excited to rip open the package of photos, and so disappointed with the fuzzy images.  Thankfully, my gear has gotten significantly better since then.  One thing has stayed the same: I still love taking photos of people.  I came back from Europe in high school with rolls of photos, not of churches and monuments, but of my friends.  I always thought "why take photos of buildings when I can take photos of people?" 

I love people.  I love getting to know them, and making them happy with photos.   I'm completely zany and will do everything but stand on my head to get a toddler to smile.  I'm a chatterbox and hope that I can get you talking enough that you forget about the camera.  I'm a mom and I will keep on snapping through your little one's smiles and tantrums.  It only takes a split second to make a photo.  And I would love to make some for you!






"It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter." --Alfred Eisenstaedt